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Musée Du Louvre 
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Alligator Pears


Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy :: The Aquarium Drunkard Interview

Will Oldham: People don’t experience music totally online. It happens in people’s homes, in exchanges at record stores and shows, and in people’s brains. Our brains are not on the internet – maybe one day they will be, I don’t know — but our lives, our souls, and the music that we experience, the music that people have valuable experiences …the owners of Google might have us believe that everything is on the internet, but it’s amazing how shortsighted and amazingly false that is, especially for a company that claims to have its users welfare at the beginning and end of all its decisions. [Laughs]

There was an owl in my yard, and I have this little dog that’s like seven pounds, and then there’s this huge owl out there I’ve never seen before [with my dog]. The next morning I woke up and was reading an article that had that phrase in it – “Everything is on the internet” – and I thought, “You know, that owl isn’t on the internet.” We’re taught to believe that they are putting more and more things in our cars, in our phones, our computers, and that they are doing us the favor of separating the wheat from the chaff, but really the chaff is online, and the real shit is out here for us to partake in without anybody fucking with us.
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NikeID x Pendleton.
Anybody have any input on these? Gimme some feedback before I send them off to be made.
Pendleton Woolen Mills

Bobby Charles, I must be in a good place now

Nike Flyknit Free Mineral Teal
Gone Fishin’
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